Classic Volkswagen Beetle Original Color Samples
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Volkswagen Bug Original Paint Color Samples

Choosing which color to paint your classic VW Bug is a big deal. Whether you're doing a stock or custom restoration, it's usually best to go with one of the stock colors for your year beetle (IMHO). But if you're thinking about an original color from a different year bug, that makes things a lot more complex because Volkswagen offered a huge array of colors over the years. Making an important decision like this, based solely on a 1" wide paint chip pasted in a catalog is tough, so to make the choice a little easier, here's a page of sample colors so you can see how some of the more popular stock colors look on an actual vintage VW bug. You'll find that Glasurit, Sherwin Williams, Sikkens, Ditzler PPG, Dupont and most of the other popular brands of automotive paint, already have formulas for most of Volkswagen's original colors.

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VW Bug in original L390 - Gulf Blue VW Bug in original L380 - Turquoise VW Bug in original L478 - Beryl Green
VW color L390 Gulf Blue VW color L380 Turquoise VW color L41 Black VW color L478 Beryl Green
VW Bug in original L456 - Ruby Red VW Bug in original L633 - VW Blue VW Bug in original L639 - Zenith Blue VW Bug in original L519 - Bahama Blue
VW color L456 Ruby Red VW color L633 VW Blue VW color L639 Zenith Blue VW color L519 Bahama Blue
VW Bug in original L572 - Panama Beige VW Bug in original L469 - Anthracite VW Bug in original L351 - Coral Red VW Bug in original L1009 - Yukon Yellow
VW color L572 Panama Beige VW color L469 Anthracite VW color L351 Coral Red VW color L1009 Yukon Yellow
VW Bug in original L518 - Java Green VW Bug in original L282 - Lotus White VW Bug in original L360 - Sea Blue VW Bug in original L620 - Savannah Beige
VW color L518 Java Green VW color L282 Lotus White VW color L360 Sea Blue VW color L620 Savannah Beige
VW Bug in original L451 - Indian Red VW Bug in original L349 - Jade Green VW Bug in original L363 - Arctic VW Bug in original L87 - Pearl White
VW color L451 Indian Red VW color L349 Jade Green VW color L363 Arctic VW color L87 Pearl White

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