Vintage Volkswagen Replacement Light Bulb Sizes Chart

The chart below provides a complete list of replacement light bulb part numbers for your vintage Volkswagen. If you need to replace your headlight lamp, or turn signal bulb, parking light bulb, tail light / stop light bulb or license lamp bulb, this chart shows the proper bulb number, for both 12 volt and 6 volt electrical systems. These are the standard automotive bulb numbers recommended by the factory, so they should be available at your local Auto Parts store. You also might think about buying a few extra bulbs to keep in your glove box, in case a bulb burns out while you'll out on the road!

Headlight Lamps
12 volt = #6012, 6 volt = #6006
Front Turn Signal Lights
12 volt = #1034, 6 volt = #1129
Parking Lamp Bulbs
12 volt = #1034, 6 volt = #81
Rear Turn Signal Lights
12 volt = #1073, 6 volt = #1129
Stop/Tail Light Bulbs
12 volt = #1034, 6 volt = #1154
Back-up Lights
12 volt = #1073
License Lamp Bulb
12 volt = #89, 6 volt = #81
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