Images of classic Volkswagen Kombis and Microbuses
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Volkswagen Kombi And Microbus Images

Sometimes it seems like Volkswagen made more 23-Window and 21-Window buses than they did Kombis and Microbuses because VW Car Shows seem over-weighted with those "Deluxe" buses. But for many of us, there's nothing like the understated cool of a Classic Volkswagen Kombi or Microbus with its more frugal use of window openings. Although outwardly the Kombi and Microbus look similar, there are significant changes that differentiate the 2 models. The Kombi is considered a "commercial" vehicle. Most came with a simple one-color paint scheme and plain grey hub caps. Kombi interiors were utilitarian by design and consisted of flat vinyl upholstery and grey painted "fiber-board" door panels. With the Kombi's seats unbolted, the interior was perfect for carrying boxes and other cargo. The name "Kombi" is derived from the fact that it was a "combination" vehicle that could carry cargo or passengers with ease. It's interesting to note that virtually all camper conversions began life as a Panel Van or a Kombi bus. The Microbus is actually just a "fancy" version of the Kombi. Both models share the same 11-window body, but the Microbus came with chrome hub caps, and usually had a 2-tone paint scheme and white wall tires. Inside, the Microbus came with upholstered door panels, upgraded seat upholstery and a full headliner, to transport the driver and his passengers in style. For a lot of Volkswagen fans and collectors, there's nothing like the clean and simple lines of a vintage Volkswagen Kombi or Microbus.

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Volkswagen 9 Passenger Kombi Volkswagen Hippie bus Volkswagen Hippie bus Volkswagen 7 Passenger Kombi

Cool Fog Lamps Rare VW Microbus With Sliding Sunroof Rare VW Microbus With Sliding Sunroof Rare VW Microbus With Sliding Sunroof

Super Deluxe VW Microbus! Rare VW Microbus With Sliding Sunroof Volkswagen Microbus With Deluxe Trim Added Volkswagen Microbus With Double Doors

VW Walk-Thru Microbus VW Walk-Thru Microbus VW Pressed Bumper 11 Window Bus Kombi train

VW Microbus With Vintage Graphics Clean Kombi bus with pop-out windows Volkswagen Microbus With Roof Rack Volkswagen Double Door Microbus

Volkswagen Velvet Green Microbus VW Microbus With Safaris VW Microbus With Roof Rack VW Pressed Bumper Microbus

VW Pressed Bumper Microbus VW Pressed Bumper Microbus

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